Rétrospective 2008

Manon Barbe is not listening to the citizens, the local surtaxe is back again for a 3rd year.
What I'm hearing from the people I meet is that they want a lower tax bill. Taking your money away from you and into the hands of the Barbe administration is hard to swallow. In the new 2009 budget. Manon Barbe is spending 8 million dollars more then she receives from Montreal. The spending budget increased more then 1.5 million dollars compared to last year. The missing dollars are taken directly in your pocket via the local surtax.

In these uncertain economic times that we are having these days, a cut in municipal
spending and a lower tax bill would have been the responsible thing to do...
When I recieve my tax bill, I don't have any choice to pay it or not. I can't
say I won't pay my taxes because I lost my job last month... or I need to pay
my hydro bill or take care of my family. The elected officals have an obligation,
a duty to spend our tax dollars in a responsible manner and with the respect
that this money is hard to earn for us the tax payers.

Eric Tremblay www.ville-lasalle.ca

Des résidants de LaSalle protestent
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La taxe locale est de retour pour une troisième année
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Des citoyens en furie contestent les taxes locales
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